Taking responsibility to protect our future

Our commitment

Responsibility and integrity are at the foundation of everything we do. That is why we are committed to three fundamental corporate values: sustainability, innovation and community. We stand firm in our values as they guide our daily actions.

“Sustainability goes beyond solar. It's about doing everything with the right intentions to preserve our planet.”

Wayne Marshall

President, Strategy, USA

Working for a better tomorrow

There is much to be done to improve our planet now and preserve it for the future. That’s why we are dedicated to bettering our communities, both locally and abroad. Serving people and the environment, knowing that every contribution makes a lasting impact. Because “there is no planet b.”


Climate change is one of the most pressing social challenges of our time. Expanding solar energy is part of the solution. We are actively doing our part to reduce carbon emissions and create a clean, sustainable future. We’re in this for the long haul.


Social commitment for a thriving global community is at the core of our identity. That’s why we champion projects, both regionally and abroad, that serve our environment and the people in it. From supporting our mountain gorilla George through our WWF Gold Sponsorship to improving conditions in Burkina Faso, we’re working for a better today and tomorrow.

Our focus on sustainability extends beyond solar.

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4. May 2022

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20. December 2021

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21. May 2021

The country of upright people 

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