Make solar
work for you

Stable revenue from a sustainable source

Earn reliable, long-term lease revenue. Work with us to push the energy transition forward. hep is your trusted partner to turn your land into a clean energy asset for now and the future. 

Why partner with hep?

Our relationships with our landowners are important to us. We make solar easy for you – using our expertise and industry knowledge to handle step. Open communication and right intentions make for a worry-free experience.

Your benefits

Long-term passive income

Reduced tax liability

Site maintenance done for you

Return your land to its original use

Hear from our landowners

“My wife and I worked all our lives, raised kids and were looking for financial security for our future. With the solar farm, we could use part of the land that has been in my family for generations to provide a new stream of income in our retirement. I also believe in clean energy done the right way. So, solar made sense for me and my family.”


– Mark Guffey, Clear Solar Farm

Our process


We conduct a site visit to verify your land’s suitability for solar. A variety of factors are taken into consideration to set the project up for success.


Our team designs the solar array to maximize output. We handle every step from design to obtaining permits and approvals and negotiating agreements.


We build and operate solar farms to the highest industry standards. Every step is cared for, including a decommissioning plan for the end of the project’s lifecycle.

Which sites are suitable for a solar farm?

Every solar project is unique. So is the land it’s built on. We take several factors into consideration when identifying land for solar. An early site visit provides an initial review of potential land and insight into the process.

Crop land and meadows

Agricultural land with low yields

Conversion areas

A site that was used differently in the past, i.e. former industrial sites

Commercial and industrial sites

Open land on commercial and industrial sites

Freeway and railroad verges

Land alongside freeways and railroads

Special areas

Moorland, grassland, or special cropland for soft fruits

Much More

Get in touch to see if your land is suitable.

Your team

Tim Holder

SVP, Development, USA

Pamela Pelletier

Manager, Project Development, Canada

Our solar farms worldwide

Since 2008, we have a history of successfully developing, building and operating solar farms around the world. We currently have locations and projects in Europe, Asia and North America.

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